Give Us Free Fridays – The Lazy Edition

I’ve been lazy this week. Most of my activity has consisted of walking from my bed to my couch to my kitchen to my couch to my bed. I wake up, contemplate productivity then come to a realization.

don't make me adult today

So this week there was no mystery shopping or Jimmy John’s runs. Plus I’m still working my way through last week’s loaves. Did you know you can revive hard bread by coating it with water and putting it in the oven for 5-7 minutes?

it's a miracle.gif

Alas, I digress. Even with minimal effort I managed to round up some decent scores for this week’s Give Us Free Friday weekly roundup.

  1. The gift of sight – Three days ago I finally got around to getting my annual vision exam (more than two years after my last one). I walked out of the optometrist having used all my vision benefits for 2017 and with a month’s trial supply of contact lenses. Since I mostly wear glasses or walk around blind these should last me until January.
  2. Free dinner – I wish I could say I was dating for food but at the moment that is not my ministry. Three weeks ago my graduate alma mater sent out invitations to an annual dinner for students and alums. I was extremely motivated to go when I RSVP’d. I had just been notified that my job went the way of the dodo bird so I figured that a free meal and an evening of networking would do me good. Fast forward to the day of and my ability to can was non existent. The very thought of putting on business attire made me sleepy. However, a little voice inside my head reminded me that owning the Stuart Weitzman All Legs over the knee boot meant that I didn’t need to shave my legs; and that gave me the strength I needed to wake from my nap and get in the shower. And I kept it all the way classy and refrained from bringing any Tupperware containers with me. I did go through the buffet line twice though.
  3. Flowers – Once again I’d like to say that these were from a paramour but since I’m not shaving my legs we all know that’s highly unlikely. That same dinner at my alma mater yielded party favors. Because I talk too much, I wound up staying until the very end of the night. As the diversity affairs team was cleaning up they offered us final stragglers the centerpieces to take home.

    Yes! The vase too! I took two and now that’s one less Christmas gift I have to buy in December.

This week’s foray into the land of freedom reminded me that I have a lot of resources at my disposal. It serves me well to stay plugged into my grad school’s network not just from a career perspective but also from a social one. The Chicago alumni base is huge so there are occasions at least twice a month for me to get a free meal and have human interaction without spending money. I’d taken that for granted over the last two years.

Next week should be a good one as I have a couple of prescriptions up for refill and have reached my out of pocket max for the year. Say it with me y’all, “NO. MORE. COPAYS!!” Remember that benefits are part of the compensation package so use them. Until next time, go forth and be free!


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