Let’s Get Ready To Rumble – Please Vote

Happy Monday friends! I’m up before 7:00 a.m. ready to do battle. Well, not really me, but rather my words will be doing all the work. The good people over at Rockstar Finance (the number one site for finding all of the best personal finance content on these interwebs) selected my travel hacking post to compete in the Rockstar Rumble, a bracket style tournament to determine the best money post of 2017.
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Here is how the Rumble works:

  • Bloggers will submit their posts for consideration to the Rockstar Finance team
  • A total of 128 posts will be selected for the 2017/18 competition
  • Each one will be randomly assigned to a bracket of “games” similar to the one used for the Men’s NCAA basketball tournament
  • Rockstar will post rounds which will pit one post against another, listing the title of each post and a short description as well as linking to the full post
  • Each day’s competition will be featured on Rockstar’s daily curation email to ensure thousands know about the Rumble
  • Readers will vote for their favorite post
  • The post with the most votes wins that round (the Rockstar team will break any ties)
  • The winner will advance in the bracket to play again the next round
  • Ultimately, there will only be one post left — the champion for this season

There were over 250 entries, only one per blog. Being that Open Mouths Get Fed is new and the definition of obscure, I was thrilled to make the cut to have a chance to compete.
honor to be nominated want to win

This is Where You Come In

In order to make Open Mouths Get Fed the little blog who could in this competition I need your help, rather I need your vote. Voting is an easy 2 steps.

Step 1. Go to this link to see today’s matchups. My post is in Game 3.

Step 2. Vote for “Scared”


Only ONE vote per person. Any funny business and my post will be disqualified.

That’s it! I do encourage you to read the other posts competing today. They are the best of the personal finance blogosphere and you’ll get a ton of useful information.

Thank You

To my dozens of regular readers, thank you for getting my blog to this point. To anyone new around these parts, WELCOME! So happy that you found my slice of the internet. I would offer you a snack but the chances are 100% that I ate them all.



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