Is It Worth It? Home Ownership (Part 1)

Upon graduating from business school in June of 2014 I had yet to find a job. My lease was up, I had no income, and my savings were dwindling. I sublet my classmates' apartments a month at a time thus giving myself shelter and relieving them of the burden of paying rent while they climbed … Continue reading Is It Worth It? Home Ownership (Part 1)

No Dancing Allowed

Last night after three hours of Shondaland I hopped onto my laptop and fell down a personal finance rabbit hole. It started with the latest post on Bitches Get Riches and ended when I fell asleep reading about price/earnings ratios on Investopia while watching the Big Short on Netflix. How did I go from reading an essay … Continue reading No Dancing Allowed

You Ain’t Got to Be Rich, But You Do Need Wealth

From January 2010 until September 2012 I was 100% debt free. No mortgage, no car note, no student loans, no credit cards, no IOUs, nothing. It was the first time since 1998 that I didn't owe anybody anything. I will not give you the impression that I budgeted, brought in extra income, and cut back … Continue reading You Ain’t Got to Be Rich, But You Do Need Wealth